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This series is dedicated to disciplines with a technical-scientific tendence, which are different from the holistic ones, since they are more physical-structural oriented. The starting point is knowing the functional aspect of the human anatomy.


Sport massage

Sport massage is the first training in all the disciplines.
A good performance can be obtained with direct training, but also with a good care of oneís own muscular and skeletal system. The most important phases of sport massage are before the performance, to release the muscular fibers and reduce psychological stress; after the performance, when cooling down itís fundamental; during the performance, a fast massage to permit a fast recovery.
This kind of massage is advised also to people who donít practice sport activity and have postural problems due to daily routine, which require a treatment to rebalance body and mind and release the catabolites.

Duration: 55 minutes
Inner booklet: 36 pages
Author: Nicola Revello

Nicola Revello

Massophysiotherapist, physiomasseur and CST

Price: 45,00
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Exercises of Postural Kinesiology

Prevention and cure of back pain are the main contents of this video tutorial. Sometimes the solution to this problems itís just a matter of staying in a good position during the daily actions and comprehend simple movements.
The video tutorial is particularly indicated to the professional figure of masseur who, since his goal is to make other people feel better, sometimes ignore his personal well-being. The masseur will find this tutorial useful for two reasons: first of all for himself, to keep a better posture during treatments, and then also for his clients, when giving advices on how to prevent pain.

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Inner booklet: 28 pages
Author: Paola Bertano

Paola Bertano

Doctor in Sport Sciences and Kinesiologist

Price: 45,00
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