Anti-sinusitis massage

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Sinusitis has a host of recognized unpleasant side effects (headaches, eye strain, nausea, unpleasant odour) as well as other negative and weakening psychological effects. As individuals begin to perceive reality in a negative manner and to have  confused mental states, with a reduction in creativity and enthusiasm for new projects, he becomes resigned and has a fear of the unknown.
Thanks to facial massages and pressure applied to specific neuralgic points it is possible to contribute to unblock the energy congestion and aid the body to self-treatment of the symptoms so as to alleviate the causes in a natural manner.

Duration: 50 minutes
Inner booklet: 16 pages
Author: Vittorio Piacenza

Vittorio Piacenza

Massophysiotherapist and master in holistic discipline

Price: 34,50
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