Lymph Drainage and self-treatment

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LYMPH DRAINAGE  is a gentle massage consisting of movements that act on the lymph circulation, reducing the stagnation in it that is the cause of swelling. Manual lymphatic drainage (as it is also called) helps the flow of these liquids, moving them along, and carries out an unblocking action on congested channels. It is based on a number of light, slow and repeated movements, alternating with delicate pressure. It can be carried out on any area of the body (legs, buttocks, feet, face and back) and is advised for pre- and post-surgery treatments, venous insufficiency (varicose veins) and lymphedema,  or more simply for the treatment of aesthetically displeasing conditions such as cellulite and various kinds of swelling.

Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes
Inner booklet: 20 pages
Author: Vittorio Piacenza

Vittorio Piacenza

Massophysiotherapist and master in holistic discipline

Price: 34,50
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