TsuboMap - Points of energetic rebalancing

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TsuboMap™ is the first WebApp which allows you to study all the topics related to the Traditional Chinese Medicine using acupuncture points (tsubo) and energetic meridians. In TsuboMapT you can view a three-dimensional mannequin (male or female), rotate it 360 degrees and choose the appropriate level to display the tsubo (skin, muscles and bones/organs).
You will also find a catalogue of 134 pre-configured pathologies and the related treatment according to the TCM.
TsuboMap™ fits every device (PC, tablet and smartphone) provided with a valid internet connection which uses a latest-generation browser.

Typologies: WebApp / App
Languages: English, Italian
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS


Avaible also:
 • download on Apple Store
 • download on Play Store
 • direct download for Windows, Mac e Linux

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