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In every ancient culture, heat is considered as a tool to maintain oneself healthy. Our thoughts can go to the thermal complex of the ancient Rome, or to the Turkish baths, or to the Finnish sauna or to the Russian banya.
Svedana is the parallel of these techniques as seen by the Ayurvedic tradition. This video tutorial will show the characteristic use of small hot packages filled with therapeutic substances, the “pinda”, which will heat the unhealthy body with the purpose to make it sweat, and therefore purify it.
The substances contained inside the pinda (powders, herbs or rice) have special properties, which are absorbed by the body during the treatment and provide special benefits to it.

Duration: 1 hours and 20 minutes
Inner booklet: 28 pages
Author: Luca Lingua

Luca Lingua

Purvakarma teacher

Price: 45,00
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